Our team

We are a group of long-term colleagues, associates, and friends motivated by creativity, invention, and aspiration for excellence. 

Our combined skills and experience range from bootstrapping the smallest businesses into successful valuable acquisitions for corporations, and strategic business and commercial management, entrepreneurship, consulting, and deep scientific, industrial, technical insight.


Jamie Ballin


Jamie comes from science and fintech. In 2010 he joined RiskFirst (acquired by Moody's Analytics in 2019), a business which challenged the pensions technology industry, where he designed and implemented innovative fixed income analytics and risk management capabilities. He has also created new technologies for asset managers. He left Moody's in 2022 to create Intelligent Lagoon.

In 2010 he completed his PhD (High Energy Physics, Imperial College London) which included contributions to the calibration of event reconstruction algorithms used at the CMS experiment, CERN, and examined the application of highly parallel machine learning algorithms.


Ian Hunt


Ian has decades of experience in technology for asset management. He was a member of the IBOR Standard Working Group (published 2014) co-sponsored by Vanguard, Fidelity and LGIM. Ian recently published a paper with the Investment Association elaborating the potential of digital issuance with smart tokens. Jamie and Ian have worked closely together for several years on buy side technology initiatives. Ian is an advisor to two businesses using distributed ledger technology, namely Bond180 for asset sourcing, demand matching and bond issuance, and Fund Admin Chain, who are building a funds platform.

Ian holds a PhD in Computer Science (UCL). As an expert in Investment Management he has provided expert witness to a number of investment fraud and market manipulation cases.


Ben Reid


With two tech company exits, Benjamin has an exceptional record of delivering successful business models for early-stage, disruptive companies. In addition to advising Intelligent Lagoon he is CEO of Safe Solvents and a non-executive director for Freehand Surgeon and Viritech.

Timothy Lyons


Timothy is an experienced and successful Fintech entrepreneur with a background in investment banking and a lifelong passion for engineering. Timothy’s conviction that technology will be vital to the the long-term sustainability of the planet led to his vision for Viritech, a clean-tech engineering firm developing hydrogen powertrains.

Joe Ritblat


Joe brings an outstanding record in and experience from management consulting (Steer Group) and VC investment (PICO Partners) to the implementation of corporate development, including to product strategy, commercial growth, establishing business networks and corporate financing.

Services partner

Intelligent Lagoon has partnered with uni software plus (GmbH) to support customers in achieving ambitious goals in analytics, modeling and simulation across different industries. With a mixed team of software engineers, physicists and mathematicians uni software plus provides tailor made solutions for finance and industry. 

Furthermore, uni software plus acts as reseller and provides consulting for Wolfram technologies and is the worldwide business developer of UnRisk, a versatile and modern engine for quantitative finance and risk.

uni software plus is based in Perg, Austria with customers across Europe and the UK.

Intelligent Lagoon provides consulting and support to customers and prospects of uni software plus.

Intelligent Lagoon...?

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