Our purpose is to radically improve the power and effectiveness of enterprise software. Our mission is to show how and why it should be done.

Our patent-pending methodology enables software to perceive the impact of events on the enterprise from multiple user perspectives, with a native understanding of uncertainty and an ability to look forwards and backwards through time.

In so doing it simplifies the complex exchange of business state between microservices, inefficient reconciliations, high latency batch processes, and helps dissolve silos.

High-integrity data structures support the demands of regulated industries such as finance, investment management, healthcare, and transport, while all can benefit from a platform designed for the next generation of event-driven architectures. Its transparency and ability to completely reconstruct environments can improve confidence in human, machine and AI-led decisions.

It will enable businesses to obtain real-time, complete, coherent views of their data essential for making informed and shared decisions, managing risk, exploiting opportunity, and provoking change.

The challenge

Enterprise software presents a difficult design and engineering challenge not least because it has a wide span both horizontally (many different lines of business and departments) and vertically (temporal evolution, from early stage R&D through to operations).  Historically, such systems tended to be monoliths, with complex and complicated architectures at the expense of flexibility, specificity, and agility. While microservice-based architectures are much more convenient for development, we are still confronted with the fundamental problem of how to coordinate business state across the wide span of the enterprise. 

This is hard enough but made even tougher by the real-world fact that events are continuously evolving, both in and of themselves and their effects on the business. Capturing business state as a series of static snapshots in isolated databases does not work: complexity is increasing, the world is as uncertain as ever, businesses need to move faster and adapt to new markets and opportunities. They cannot wait for enterprise systems – monolith or otherwise - to catch up.

Intelligent Lagoon offers a single source of truth, not a single view of the truth. It is distributed, de-centralized, universal, and non-monolithic.


Real-world events aren't on/off. Users can see the impact of events according to their needs, either early or late in the lifecycle of an event. Manage risk by controlling for certainty.

Anticipate and reconstruct

Look through time. Events have context. See the impact of events now, in the future, or in the past, with unparalleled flexibility, driven by real-time information.


Cater for almost any asset or resource: virtual, physical, abstract, financial. Rapidly adapt to new markets. See the impacts across all parts of your business coherently.

Benefits for the organization


Real world events don't just affect one system and one set of users! Our approach breaks down silos of systems and users and enables shared decision making.

High data integrity

Eliminate the need for tedious reconciliations and high-latency, unreliable batch flush-and-fill of systems. Our approach improves operational efficiency and reliability while also supporting new standards of audit and reconstruction.


A streaming, event-driven, distributed and de-centralized platform that simplifies architectures, and enables best-in-class functionality rather than impose one-size-fits-all.